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Secured overdrafts are a very traditional form of business finance however they can be very inflexible. This is a particular problem when your business is growing. There are a number of alternatives that may suit your business and allow you to grow. These include Trade Finance, Receivables Finance, Working Capital Lending to name a few. In many cases these facilities are not reliant on property security and can enable you to free up your property.

This is dependent on several factors which include turnover, profitability, accounting package, ATO Position, Industry, and ageing of receivables. The type of Facility will be driven by these factors. One of the key things that Thane does when discussing options with you is to get a deep level of understanding your business, your customer base and where the pressure points are by understanding the above factors This allows us to structure facilities that meet your needs.

When we work with a client we take the time to understand their complete operating cycle and look to find the best way to manage your cashflow from the placement of an order to the final payment by your customer. In many cases we are able to unlock cashflow by using a Trade Finance solution to finance the order. In many cases we are also able to augment that by using a Debtor Finance facility to release funds against outstanding Invoices and pay back the Trade Finance Facility as it matures.

Most Debtor Finance companies do not offer a Debtor Finance solution for contractors and if they will only consider a facility if it is backed by Bricks and Mortar security. There are however some specialist funders who specialise in funding progress claim invoicing for contractors. We have close relationships with these funders and can work with you to ensure that they are able to assist. In some cases, it is not the contract that requires funding but the materials that often need to be purchased significantly prior to commencing invoicing. In those cases, we can look at Trade Finance facilities to provide the cashflow assistance required. As with all requests we take the time to understand where the maximum amount of pressure is and structure facilities accordingly.

Working Capital Solutions

At Thane Commercial Pty Ltd, we recognise the individuality of businesses and work with our clients to develop tailored Working Capital and Cash Flow solutions that suit them. It can never be a “one size fits all” when working capital and cash flow are involved. What is needed is a deep understanding of where the pressure points are, what is causing them and what is the best way to achieve the company’s potential. We are also passionate about ensuring that a business “stands on its own feet” without relying on the owners/founders Bricks and Mortar assets like their family Home or Commercial Property. To do this we look at solutions that include:

Debtor Finance

We are Debtor Finance specialists helping businesses improve the cash flow that may be holding them back, bridging cash flow gaps.

Trade Finance

At Thane Commercial Pty Ltd, we help businesses use Trade Finance to enable growth by securing funds required to purchase goods and stock.

Supply Chain

Choose a cash flow solution that helps your business free up working capital trapped in global supply chains with Supply Chain Finance.


Standing for “Financial Technology”, FinTech is the future. We are passionate about finding new ways to deliver financial services.  

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