About FinTech

The majority of Australian FinTech firms are founded or led by experienced financial services professionals, who are passionate about finding new ways to deliver financial services to the benefit of customers. FinTech companies provide a diverse range of product offerings for businesses and retail consumers internationally.

How FinTech Can Help

Over the last 5 years, there has been a massive growth in the availability of FinTech lending and this has also been seen in the working capital market including the Debtor Finance and Trade Finance markets. Whilst additional competition is always welcome businesses also need to be very aware of the structures, costs and pitfalls that may impact if there is not a level of due diligence carried out. Thane Commercial Pty Ltd works closely with several highly regarded FinTech Groups and utilises them where there is a specific requirement.

Working Capital Solutions

At Thane Commercial Pty Ltd, we recognise the individuality of businesses and work with our clients to develop tailored Working Capital and Cash Flow solutions that suit them. It can never be a “one size fits all” when working capital and cash flow are involved. What is needed is a deep understanding of where the pressure points are, what is causing them and what is the best way to achieve the company’s potential. We are also passionate about ensuring that a business “stands on its own feet” without relying on the owners/founders Bricks and Mortar assets like their family Home or Commercial Property. To do this we look at solutions that include:

Debtor Finance

We are Debtor Finance specialists helping businesses improve the cash flow that may be holding them back, bridging cash flow gaps.

Trade Finance

At Thane Commercial Pty Ltd, we help businesses use Trade Finance to enable growth by securing funds required to purchase goods and stock.

Supply Chain

Choose a cash flow solution that helps your business free up working capital trapped in global supply chains with Supply Chain Finance.

The Future Of Financing With FinTech

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